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OCBannerExchange.Com Rules:

We run a family orientated website, and as such all Users, Websites and Banners are approved after they have been reviewed.

We do not allow any of the following to use our system:

1. Websites that contain or promote Adult oriented content.
2. Websites that promote Gambling.
3. Websites that promote Investing or any regulated activities.
4. We do not allow any Users of our Website to promote any illegal accitity of any kind.
5. We do not allow Websites to use our system, if their Website, Content or associated Banners contain any Hate or offensive material.

Users may not make any claims that they are an associate, employee, or reprasentitve or OCBannerExchange.Com

People that signup to use our service, understand that we attempt to use the honor system, and that exchange code is to be inserted on users website, so that exchange banner will be easily visible to people who visit the site. We do not allow modification of the code supplied to users, and any attempt to modify the code to hide banners, or inflate traffic in any way will lead to an immediate Ban of the user and their associated Website.

People may only place Exchange banners on websites they own, and control. Users may not show Exchange Banners on Third Party Websites.

The current exchange ratio is 70%. This means your banner will be shown 70 times for every 100 times you show exchange banners.

This Website uses "Cookies", and by using our survive you grant us permission to record information on your use of the Website.

For additional terms and conditions, see our "FAQ" page on this Website.